Law Enforcement 

  • Emergencies:  911 
  • Non-Emergencies:   404-730-7911

Law enforcement is handled by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office.

Code Enforcement
All code enforcement complaints should be directed to the City of Mountain Park:

  • In person at City Hall;  or
  • By phone 770-993-4231 (City Hall);  or
  • By email:  utilitybilling [at] mountainparkgov.com

Please do not contact the Code Compliance Officer directly – dispatch is handled only by Staff at City Hall.

Covers enforcement of laws and ordinances of the City of Mountain Park, such as (but not limited to): fishing or boating violations, leash violations, permits, traffic and vehicles, preservation of public order, taxation, parks and recreation, and the prevention, detection and investigation of crime.  Link to Codebook

Emergency Animal Control

  • 404-794-0358 (Fulton County Animal Service)