Building, Zoning & Planning


Building Permits
In general, ground disturbance of less than 250 square feet does not require a permit. Many residential minor repairs and maintenance activities do not require a permit. A list of examples is included here:

  • Simple Deck Repair
  • Repairing or replacing exterior siding or interior sheetrock
  • Replacing exterior deck boards
  • Adding or replacing a ceiling fan in an existing electrical box
  • Replacing a door or window, as long as the replacement can fit into the same hole as the original door or window
  • Driveway maintenance
  • Replacement of HVAC system

Some residential minor repairs and maintenance activities that do require a permit are listed here:

  • Replacing rafters
  • Repairing Roof ( Trade Permit)
  • Enlarging an existing deck or adding new deck area
  • Extending the electrical wiring in a structure
  • Retaining walls of 4 feet or more height (an engineering certificate is also required for this)
  • Fence gates over 4 feet in height with any non-manual operational assistance
  • New driveways or driveway additions involving land disturbance

You can always call City Hall at 770-993-4231 with any questions you may have about permits.

If you hire a contractor for a building project, he/she must hold a current state license. An application packet must be completed and returned to City Hall. You may want your contractor to complete the application for you. Be sure to complete all fields on the application and be specific during your project. After completing the checklist attached to the application, return your application to City Hall for review. An application is not considered officially submitted unless it is complete.

A building permit is granted for one calendar year/an extension may be issued for an additional calendar year if applied for prior to expiration date. All taxes and utility fees must be current and paid in full prior to issuance.

  • Compliance with Tree Protections and Preservation (City Code chapter 105-201)
  • Compliance with impervious surface requirements (City Code 117-6{f})
  • Compliance with building height requirements (City Code 117-6{f})
  • Extent of ground disturbance and compliance with 40% undisturbed requirement
  • Proximity to state waters, creeks, etc.

The complete code is available online

If the scope of work including subcontractors, dimensional or structural changes after construction has begun, the City must be notified in writing. The information shall be provided with the same level or detail as the original application. Additional approval may be required based on the scope of the changes being proposed. Demolition of more than 50% of the existing structure requires a separate Demolition Permit.

If your project involves ground disturbance, show any soil erosion prevention measures as well as any state waters (lakes, streams, dry stream beds, or ditches conveying water across your property). Ground disturbance, usually described as any earth-moving activity that requires powered equipment, typically also requires a topography showing elevations.

Mechanical/Trade Permit
This permit is required for:

  • Bathroom fixture repair or replacement needing piping alterations
  • New buildings – residential
  • New plumbing fixture requiring piping alterations
  • Replacement of Water Heater
  • Water Line Replacement from Meter to the house
  • Appliance replacement using permanent hardwired devices such as piping or wiring
  • Service change out
  • Replacement of HVAC system
  • Replacement of Ductwork

The fee is $100.00. The purpose of this requirement is to provide for the administration and enforcement of the Georgia State Minimum Standards Codes.

If you have any questions, call City Hall at 770-993-4231.