Civic Club

Founded more than fifty years ago to work together for the civic welfare of the community and neighboring communities, the Mountain Park Civic Club offers membership to any resident or property owner in the City. Annual dues are $5.00 per person per year or $15.00 for a family membership (3+ family members). The Civic Club meets on the second Tuesday of each month and all are welcome to attend meetings. The Civic Club sponsors many events throughout the year such as: community dinners, coffees, family events, and holiday festivities.


Mountain Park Community Garden
This cooperative was established for the purpose of creating a community garden in Mountain Park.  The hope is that working together on this garden will help organize our best efforts and energies and to create a living sustainable entity that will enrich our community.  The group meets on Saturday mornings through the spring and summer.


Mountain Park Watershed Preservation Society (MPWPS)
The MPWPS applied for nonprofit corporation status in 2004.  The society was formed to restore, protect, and preserve the lakes, streams, and wetlands of Mountain Park through community involvement, environmental monitoring, education and research, grant applications and other fund-raising activities.  Although the MPWPS was organized by a group of Mountain Park residents, membership is open to all, as the health of the City's wetlands, streams, and lakes is vital to maintaining the quality of life enjoyed by every resident as well as those from outside the City who believe in the preservation of the environment and our historical past.  Join the MPWPS to help save the watershed.