Business License


Home Based Businesses are permitted in Mountain Park, with the license being renewed yearly per the following code:

Sec. 14-33. Permitted in residential districts. (Home-based businesses)

Home occupations, as defined in section 14-31 may be established in a dwelling in a residential district. The following requirements and restrictions shall apply in addition to all other applicable requirements, provisions and restrictions of the Code of the City of Mountain Park, Georgia:

(1)    Home occupations are subject to the occupational taxes set forth in Chapter 54, in section 54-101 through section 54-136 of this Code of Ordinances.

(2)    No accessory buildings or outside storage shall be used in connection with the home occupation.

(3)    No internal or external alterations inconsistent with the residential use of the building shall be permitted.

(4)    Only one vehicle designed and manufactured to be used primarily as a passenger vehicle shall be permitted in connection with the conduct of the home occupations.

(5)    No equipment that interferes with radio and/or television reception shall be allowed.

(6)    There shall be no exterior evidence of the home occupation.

(7)    No use shall create noise, dust, vibration, odor, smoke, glare, or electrical interference that would be detectable beyond the interior of the dwelling unit.

(8)    All activities associated with the home occupation shall be conducted entirely within the dwelling unit and only persons residing in the dwelling unit shall be employed to perform those specific home occupation-related activities which occur at the location of the home occupation.

(9)    No more than ten percent of the interior square footage of the dwelling unit shall be used for the conduct of the home occupation.

(10)    No use shall involve any type of public contact in connection with the home occupation other than occasional and incidental public contact, which shall be limited to no more than two non-resident visitors at any one time at the location of the home occupation and furthermore, no article, product, or service shall be sold, traded or exchanged on the premises other than by telephone.

(11)  No business vehicles, materials or equipment shall be stored or parked on the exterior of the dwelling except that one vehicle as described in subsection (4) of this ordinance and used exclusively by the resident may be parked at the location of the home occupation.

(12) No off-site employees of the home occupation shall congregate on or adjacent to the premises for any purpose concerning the home occupation.

(13) No home occupation shall be operated so as to cause a nuisance or create a fire hazard or any other hazard to public safety.

(Ord. No. 220-99, 7-4-2, 6-21-1999; Ord. No. 254-02, 7-4-2 (1), 12-16-2002)